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The Latin Quarter Walk takes us through the heart of Parisian history and touches on everything from Roman ruins to the great intellectuals of France. This is where Paris began many centuries ago and continues to be one of the most popular areas of the city.


TOUR highlights

  • Notre Dame - The most famous cathedral in the world is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Construction began in 1163 during the reign on King Louis VII and has stood as a symbol of Paris for almost nine centuries. On the top of the building sit 13 statues; 12 are the apostles and one is a statue of the architect himself.
  • St. Chapelle - The St. Chapelle was commissioned by King Louis IX to house Christ's crown of thorns and was completed on April 26, 1248. The stained glass walls are considered to be among the most impressive in the world. Visitors can either visit the church during the day or enjoy a classical concert there in the evening.
  • Place St. Michel - This square in the heart of the Latin Quarter is dominated by the Fontaine St. Michel in which St. Michel, the archangel, is shown defeating two dragons. The square is a popular spot at night for street musicians and socializing students.
  • Panthéon - King Louis XV vowed that if he recovered from an illness, he would build a church in honor of patron saint of Paris, St. Geneviève. Foundations were laid in 1758, but the building wasn't completed until 1789. In 1851, a French physicist demonstrated the rotation of the earth using a 67 meter pendulum beneath the dome.
  • Luxembourg Gardens - The perfectly manicured gardens are located along Boulevard St. Michel and just up the street from the Sorbonne University. The French Senate, housed within the Luxembourg Palace, is housed within the gardens. A cafe, band grandstand, tennis courts and pond adorn the grounds.
  • Pointe Zero - Located just in front of Notre Dame, this is the point where from which all distances in France are measured.
  • Les Bouquinistes - The Bouquinistes line the banks of the Seine in the Latin Quarter district and sell everything from old books and posters to photos and trinkets. One can wander for hours amongst the stands looking for souvenirs.
  • Also see...... the Sorbonne University, Conciergerie, Cluny Museum, St. Germain Neighborhood, St. Etienne du Mont, and Place St. Michel.


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