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Due to tight constraints on the number of visitors allowed inside each day, this truly is one of the hardest tickets to secure in town! Book now to guarantee your spot in  one of the most unique attractions in Paris. This tour includes a beautiful orientation and historical background as we walk through the Catacomb's eery yet interesting tunnels. 



  • Discover a Hidden World - Explore the winding underground labyrinth containing the remains of over 6 million people.  See stacks of bones artfully arranged in homage to those who share this mass underground grave. 
  • Skip Straight to the Front - While everyone else waits in line for hours to enter this extremely popular attraction, our group will bypass the long winding line and go straight inside the Catacombs for this exclusive group tour. 
  • Uncover a Fascinating Past - Learn the enthralling history behind the Catacombs, why they are there in the first place, how they came to be filled with bones, where the remains came from, and how they were transported. 
  • Exlclusive Small Group Exploration - Group size is limited to 19 people, and no one else is allowed to enter the Catacombs until 30 minutes after us, so we have the dark tunnels exclusively reserved for our group.  Your guide can give you personalized attention as you explore this underground world. 
  • Different Side of Paris - Everyone sees the famous landmarks and museums above ground in Paris, but few get to experience such a unique side of this incredible city.  Far below underground parking, the sewer system, and even the metro, you will discover intricate winding paths filled with an entirely different kind of history. You won't look at Paris the same way without considering what lies beneath the surface. 


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