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See the famous works of art revered by the world for centuries, including the Louvre's most famous masterpieces: Venus de Milo and Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.  Learn about the history behind these artworks, their artists, and what makes them so famous today. 



  • Stunning Architecture - You will marvel at the pure architectural beauty and grandeur of the Louvre.  First, admire the exterior facades of the palace and its evolving architectural design, changing with each king's addition through the years. 
  • Old & New - Peer into massive courtyards, some that remain unchanged through the centuries, and others that have been covered and modernized to house sculptures as part of the museum.  No visit to the Louvre would be complete without admiring the modern glass pyramids, both above ground, and inverted underground. 
  • Expert License Tour Guide - You could spend weeks inside the Louvre and never see it all!  Your official licensed museum guide will guide you to the most interesting and important parts of the museum so that you get the most out of your time in Paris. 
  • From the Middle Ages to Modern Design - From its origins as a medieval fortress, through its years as palace to the royals, to the iconic and controversial modern glass pyramids that are recognized around the world, the Louvre has a long and important history that precedes its use as the powerhouse museum it is today.  The building itself is a sight to behold, and the incredible quantity and quality of artwork within makes it a visit to remember forever. 
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