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SKIP THE LINE - Versailles Chateau & Gardens TOUR

TOUR Description

No need to worry about all the hectic details of getting out to Versailles from Paris, navigating the confusing train system, or how to get into and around the palace grounds once you arrive.  You will meet our guide at a central Paris train station, and all the details are taken care of from there.  You are free to relax and enjoy a beautiful day at Versailles, returning to Paris in the late afternoon with plenty of daylight to cross something else off your list. 



  • Relaxing Picnic Lunch - Halfway through our visit, you'll get a chance to spread out at the foot of the Grand canal and have a wonderful picnic lunch in the grass.  Gaze out over the calm canal waters, artfully manicured grounds, and the palace itself.  Lunch is provided in the tour price, which includes a drink, an artisan baguette sandwich, and a traditional French pastry ordered fresh from a gourmet bakery.  
  • Traditional Open Air Market - As soon as we arrive in Versailles, you'll have the chance to explore the traditional open air market, which includes French cheeses, wines, breads, olives, tapenades, fruits, vegetables, sweets, and more. We will stop by a hidden gem near the Versailles market - a local wine shop where everyone can experience a wine tasting. Our guide will point out all our favorite spots and make recommendations, so you can get some extras for the picnic later if you desire.  
  • Royal Gardens - Most people visit the gardens of Versailles without realizing there is a labyrinth of beautiful hidden groves, sculptures, and fountains that exist, so they completely miss out.  Our guide will lead you to the most beautiful and interesting parts of the garden, so you will be sure to see what others miss and truly appreciate the splendor of the world famous Versailles gardens. 
  • VIP Access to the Chateau - The beautiful palace of Versailles is so popular that most people find themselves waiting for up to 3 hours in peak season to get inside. With our Skip-the-Line Versailles tour, you will go to a separate priority entrance and avoid all those long lines.  
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